The Last Battle of PVT Sidney I. Heistein.                Page 1.

The Last Battle of Sidney Heistein centers around one rifle company, in one battalion, of one infantry regiment in one American division. Let no one forget the participation of many people, of many skills, of many armies of many countries that returned this soil to the people of Italy. On 6 October 1943, Company B took up positions along the south bank of the Volturno River on the North slope of Monte Tifata at the Triflisco Gap (circled.) Here they lived in foxholes and caves under constant small arms and artillery fire, close enough to trade curses with the enemy. They probed and patrolled on both sides of the Volturno, testing the enemy's strength and guaging their responses until the crossing on 13-14 October.
At the Volturno, looking South toward the North facing slope of Monte Tifata. Co. B lived in filthy conditions, hungry, cold and claustrophobic in foxholes and caves originally dug by the Germans. Those who left cover were subject to immediate fire by the enemy.
Another look South toward the North facing slope of Monte Tifata.
The bridge over the Voltourno. The original, as well as all other bridges across the Volturno, was destroyed by the retreating German Army. Beyond the bridge lies Triflisco and the heights above it are the Northern extention of M. Tifata. This mountain bristled with enemy positions and hid their major artillery concentrations.
The Volturno River looking East. Here is where Company B crossed. The remains of the railroad bridge, destroyed in 1943 are visable.
Looking North from the bridge at the heights of the Mt. Tifata Northern extention. This mountain was taken by the 30th Infantry Regiment at great cost.

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