Alaska Cruise Photos

Rachel and I finally got our honeymoon cruise in August, 2000 on the Holland America Veendam. No photos can truely do justice to the magnificent Alaska scenery, but lots of people have been asking to see pictures - so here are a few preliminary shots. All are video frames converted to JPEG files. Each Photo is about 20K and each page has no more than 6 photos. The good ones (Rachel's pictures) are being processed and are coming soon.

  • Us, the ship, Vancouver and the Canadian Inside Passage
  • Whales!
  • Glacier Bay I
  • Glacier Bay II
  • Glacier Bay III
  • Juneau, Mendenhall Glacier, Ketchikan
  • Assorted Scenic Shots


    Note: These are big files, about 400KB each.

  • Map of the cruise route.
  • Map of the portion of Glacier Bay we visited.