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Congregation Beth Shloime
Willowbrook, Staten Island, NY

Welcome to Congregation Beth Shloime of Staten Island. Though founded in 1973 and in continuous operation since then, we're the "Forgotten Shul" of Willowbrook. You won't find us listed in the fancy community promotion brochures but we're still going strong!

Our congregation is currently led by Rabbi Beryl Isaacson SHLITA, son of the late Rabbi Meir Isaacson (ZT"L) who was our spiritual leader and teacher from 1975 until his passing in 1999. Beth Shloime congregants are an ecclectic group of folks dedicated to TEFILLA with concentration. Our Shul is the quietest in the neighborhood and we welcome new congregants who can appreciate a simple and quiet service.

Beth Shloime is an Orthodox congregation, Click on Zemanay Tefilla for the schedule of services.

You're invited to join our private email list for Beth Shloime Broadcasts. Send an email with your name to the Shul's address and we'll sign you up. (Broadcasts contain congregation business only. Please use SiShullist for public announcements, details on the NACHAS UNLIMITED page.)

For further information send us an Email.

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