Last night I had an amazing dream. A giant eagle landed in front of Congregation Beth Shloime and beckoned. Everybody I knew (except for the Hatzolah Minyan folks that wouldn’t have anything to do with that eagle) instinctively climbed upon its wings and moments later we were deposited in the Land of Israel.

New houses (with dual kitchen sinks) were already built for us and all our possessions were there. Then I noticed that all my relatives of blessed memory were back - still KVETCHING about each other.

Then silence fell, and a great procession passed by. At the head of this vast procession was none other than Moshe Rabbenu. After him passed our ancient teachers - the prophets, the TAANAIM, the AMORAIM. I recognized Maimonides and Rashi, the Chasidic Masters and the sages of Israel and Borough Park, Lakewood and Puerto Rico.

Finally, the Prophet Elijah passed by alone. He said nothing because Borselino Era Jews had all the answers by that time and there was nothing left for Elijah to teach us.

Elijah’s presence confirmed what we all knew - the End of Days was upon us. The new age that Borsalino Era Jews hastened in coming had dawned.

And then he appeared, unmistakable to all present - MOSHIACH – but what was that on his head – yes, YES…



Happy Purim from Rachel, Mike and Latke


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