Hebrew National


At long last, the last bastion of in-house kosher certification, Hebrew National, has gone the way of all kosher producers and obtained a national HECHSHER. Finally the KASRUS of Hebrew National products will be determined by a simple mark on the package, rather the horribly impious and thoroughly sinful method kosher food producers relied on during the Pre-Borsalino Generation - trust.

The Borsalino Era sages taught us that Hebrew National and their in-house certification was the crucible from which spawned all the evils of modern Jewry. Every Borsalino Era Jew, from the most learned Rabbi to the simplest homemaker knew the exact reason why Hebrew National wasn’t kosher enough for them: “They use in-house certification and I heard from somebody that….”

That nobody actually knew the “somebody”, nor did anybody ever verify what “somebody” claimed to know, was immaterial. Borsalino Era Jews trust no one when it comes to KASHRUS – except the people that spread the rumors.

Then deliverance occurred. Hebrew National went Triangle-K. The pollution of in-house certification and its by-products, rumor, innuendo and LOSHON HARAH has finally been banished in the Borsalino Era world. A new era of Torah-True observance and ACHDUS has finally dawned. Of course, we still don’t eat Hebrew National because, “They use Triangle-K and I heard from somebody that….”


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