The Shabbas Kiddush


Back in the Pre-Borsalino era people used to make a KIDDUSH in SHUL after SHABBAS services. It was pretty easy in those days to get together, gossip about each other and enjoy a little herring, a few Tam Tams and a handful of ARBES (Chick Peas). There was only one rule, everything you brought into the SHUL had to have a HECHSHER, no home-made foods allowed.

With the dawning of the Borsalino Era, the institution of the KIDDUSH in SHUL has all but disappeared. The problem is that every week Borsalino Era YESHIVAS discover a new set stridencies. Foods and HECHSERS that were perfectly acceptable last week are, this week, TREIF. Since nobody beyond the YESHIVA world can reasonably keep up with what’s “In” and what’s “Out” in KASHRUS this week, we don’t bring anything into the SHUL anymore.

Borsalino Era SHUL-goers now make KIDDUSH in each other’s houses. You see, in the Borsalino Era, most people hold that home made foods are forbidden to eat in SHUL but one is permitted to eat them in the house where they were cooked.

There are, of course, certain Borsalino Era YESHIVAS where it is forbidden to eat anything because nothing is kosher enough. Those pious students used to subsist on water only before that was declared TREIF because of little bug things that can't be seen but everybody somehow knows are there. Rumor has it they now survive on herring, Tam Tams and ARBES...


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