Anytime you think you have worries and are carrying the burden of the entire detachment on your shoulders, just hunt up “Bungling Bednarsh” and watch him sweat out the intricacies of the teletype.  Such language Maxie m’boy.  Don’t let it get you down, look at the mistakes you could make if you had twice as man hands.  This war can’t last forever (they say) and you can go back to the farm then and get right behind the plow and forget about all modern mechanical gadgets.  Max, you might start some sort of revival movement to bring Indian smoke signals back into their own.




Do you want to know anything about this island?  Any points of interest you have missed because you didn’t know exactly where they are?  If this is your problem, just see the Corporal in charge of our postal system, the honorable Rice, since he took over the mail department, has been everywhere and seen everything of interest here.  Could this be the reason that our mail is late at times?  Shame on you Richard taking a leisurely jaunt about the island while the fellows are sweating out something special like a little perfumed gadget telling Joe that “All is forgiven, Honey, you can come home now”.




Whatsa matter Jackson, you mad as us???  We haven’t seen your homely puss here in the area for many moons.  Don’t give us that snow job about the time you don’t have, we know you can’t be that busy.  Besides, you’ve got a bunch of fellows at “weasel” that are perfectly capable of handling things much better during your absence.  If you and your crew come up here you’ll find a club that is at least as good as the little sanctuary you used t have beside the “Sad Sack” even unto the red parachute and the bar.  We could do with the help of your connections.  Honest, we won’t grab you guys for K.P.  and detail.  Our intentions are strictly honorable.  (Besides you might know of some WACS the wolves here haven’t found about yet.)  Sooooo, “come up and see us sometime, big boy.”




How about this supply section of ours?  Do you boys actually have to buy and pay cash for your own pockets for the equipment and material you get, or is it just a rumor?  We hate to get out of the sack too, but the “call of duty” catches up with us every day, (including Sundays and holidays.)  I think a more appropriate place for the “24 hour service” sign you have displayed so prominently in supply, would be over the collective sacks of Wainwright, Levy, Riehmann and Ehrlich, Inc.




Orchids to Sgt. Dahlgren for the splendid work he’s done in getting the Enlisted Men’s club from a figment of the imagination into the reality it is today.




Welcome back to the area you homely Hibernian, glad to have you back, Cassidy.  During your extended stay at the 132nd hostelry, you must have met quite a number of the feminine sex.  Now let’s not become mercenary and hold up any of the fellows who want a little inside dope on that “cute little number with the you-know-what.”




12 May 45, an old time rumor lends itself a little reality.  An enlisted men’s club was born of our talk until the call sounded and a wave of building cleaning and planning swept the area.  Result, and ex-Red Cross building transformed into an ultra modern (SWPA) style club room.


In was then decided and is now the practice to devote the club to the need and desires of all men in the outfit.  Also, to let one dogface know what the other is doing.  To prove that specialized work, remote living conditions and diversity in occupation all add up to good fellowship in an outfit rather than detract as is commonly thought.  The brainchild began with a meeting, and anxious crowd and a desire to get things going.  Official requirements were decided on and temporary officers in the capacity of President Bob Travis Vice-President and Secretary Sam Mosby, Treasurer Bill Conway and Ass. Treas. Rudy Rudolphi found themselves the BTO.


A board of governors was installed to make decisions and inaugurate the good policies of the club.  George Dalgren, the Charman, with Rich Richmond, Stubby Darrough, Like Woodard, and PX Rush Rushing comprised the Honorable board.


To date the club has proven a social as well as financial success. Two parties with cold beer and much frivolity have made believers of many a Doubting Thomas.  While every evening, a cold stateside coke in a quiet atmosphere either for a little personal correspondence or a solid fat chewing contest makes us wonder how we ever got along without the club.


The financial backing given the club by its members runs into nice blue ink figures.  (Speaking strictly Dutch of course.)  Coke sales run the till into a miniature mint.  The house game doesn’t seem to be doing badly either we say with our fingers crossed.


Now that we know the possibilities of our little organization, future great events can be planned and it looks as thought Club 45 is toing to make the “where to go” column for the South Pacific.


*** *** *** *** ***




Published by and for the men of Detachment 45, 142nd A.A.C.S Sqdn.


Editor (Acting)                    Cpl. Phil Sturm

Illustrations                         Sgt. Gerald Maystrik




M/Sgt. Bill Conway         Cpl Fred R. Iseli

Sgt. Don Wade               Sgt. Abe Bussell


“Features By:”


Sgt. C. W.  Hardin            Cpl. Jack Radford

          Sgt. Martin B. Milam


*** *** *** *** ***




FIREWORKS or election of officers, it’s the same difference.  How about some campaign managers starting the ball rolling for some old fashioned, all-out stumping.


By the way – the management wishes me to inform you that you vote only once and loitering at the polls is permissible – that is at least until you’ve collected the promised guilders from the candidates.