Test yourself and see how well acquainted you are with the world of sports. Ten questions will appear on this page every week. You guess the answers on a piece of paper and drop them in the Suggestion Box---who knows, you may win the first bite in the cement pancake. On the line, Signals! Let’s Go!

1. Identify each of the following: Joltin’ Joe (2 pts), Slingin! Sam (2 pts).

2. What is the fastest indoor mile ever run? (5 pts) Who ran it? (5 )

3. What is the largest score ever rolled up by a professional football team in an East—West playoff (5)

4. What ski jumper has the longest leap in the U. S. (5 pts)

5. What American League baseball teams have won only one pennant? (5 each)

6. For what sports are the following cups awarded: Stanley Cup, Davis Cup Whitman cup, S….(unreadable) Cup, Widener Cup? (2 pts for each)

7. Who was the last Negro heavyweight boxing champ before Joe Louis? (2)

8. What two famous football players wore the number 77 and 98? (2 ea)

9. Who were the "Four Horsemen?"

10. Who scored the famous "Grand Slam" in golf?



A group of fellows who had never played together set out to enter a volleyball league. It was a Joint A.A.C.S. and A.C.S. team. Upon entering the league, they gained confidence in one another with each practice game. Then came the first league game.

As luck would have it the boys grabbed off the best team in the league for the first contest. Playing in enemy territory (as usual) after a shaky start, they managed to win one out of three. From then on they couldn’t be stopped. Ripping through a fifteen game schedule only dropping two games. Plenty of credit is due Jimmy Miller, who on game nights would spend from 20 to 30 minutes rounding up the boys. The boys sacrificed many good movies to go out [and] play a contest. Steve Larkin was a huge factor in the victories; using his six foot five inch frame to great advantage. We want to congratulate Rudy, Al, Gus, Larry, Carl, Jimmy and Steve on their big success.

*** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Ed Sloan, Toledo’s contribution from the bottom of the scrap barrel, is now endeavoring to weld together a championship basketball squad. With a change of shifts every six hours, Ed finds it hard to schedule games so that all players can be present. In the first practice game of the season, Sloan’s breaking all Madison Square Garden records, trounced an Anti-Aircraft team 14-12 (it was a basketball game.) The game was played on a coral court. The court, the size of a long narrow alley, made me think the baskets were permanent fixtures, and the fellows being too lazy to move, just built the court in between. This handicap did not stop the Ramblers. They stepped out on the court, combined a good passing attack with a poor shooting exhibition (the opponents were worse) seasoned with a few good plays, and came out on top in a thrilling contest. Some of the familiar faces seen on the floorboards (coral) were Don Miles, Larry Monarchio, Babe Rudi, Ed Sloan, Bud Young and some un-named A.C.S. men. With a few valuable additions the squad looks like it may go places; in the future the boys will be out for larger scores.

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