Hauser/Hirschhorn/Horowitz/Sturm Origins

All of my grandparents emigrated from Galicia (pronounced: Galitzia) and lived in the same general region of northwestern Galicia, which is now southeastern Poland. They considered themselves Austrian by nationality because the area was ruled by the Austria/Hungarian Empire during their lifetimes. Galicia is located north of the Carpathian mountains and comprises a portion of southeastern Poland and southwestern Ukraine.

Hauser All lived in Subov, 5 miles northeast of Tarnobrzeg, Poland. They owned a brewery there. There is a second Hauser family of Tarnobrzeg who have many descendents in the U. S. We seem to have the same first (Hebrew) names and must be related, but no one can establish a connection.
HirschhornThe Hirschhorns came from Zolynia, Galicia. The Rosenbluths came from Roswadow, Galicia. Other relatives came from Tarnobrzeg.
HorowitzMy grandfather was born in Oswiecim (Auschwitz) and grew up in Krakow.
SturmThe Sturms/Langbanks/Charytans came from Jaroslaw.

Mike Sturm
Staten Island, NY

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