Italy Battlefield Tour 2013

From 24 April to 6 March 2013, I toured the major World War II American battlefields from Sicily to Rome. These photos document my journey from Rome to Palermo, to the landing beaches of Sicily, Syracuse, Catania, Troina, Taormina, Messina, Calabria, Salerno, the Volturno, the Mignano Gap, San Pietro, Monte Cassino, Gran Sasso, Anzio and Rome. An emotional, facinating and unforgettable journey made possible by the best WWII tourguide in the business, Tony Cisneros. Tony, you are the tops! To Rob, Mike, Dave and Mary, the "Jersey Boys," Rich, Miller and John - your company added immeasurably to the enjoyment of this journey.

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The Last Battle of PVT Sidney I. Heistein - A Photo Essay.


Day 1: Palermo and Patton's HQ. Day 6: The Battle of Salerno.
Day 2: Sicily landing beaches, Piano Lupo, Ponte Dirillo. Day 6 Encore: Greek City at Paestum - Miraculously untouched by war.
Day 3: Catania, Troina, Cesaro, Taormina. Day 7: The Last Battle of PVT Sidney I. Heistein.
Day 3 Encore: The Eruption of Mount Etna, Sicily, 27 APR 2013. Day 8: Caserta, the Mignano Gap, San Pietro Infine, the Rapido and Cassino.
Day 4: A rest-day in Taormina with a visit to Kesselring's HQ. Day 9: San Pietro Infine, the Rapido, Cassino War Cemeteries, Grand Sasso.
Day 5: Messina, ferry to Calabria, Morano. Day 10: Anzio and Nettuno.
  Day 11: The American Cemetery at Nettuno, Rome and Home.