Our first day on the tour. It was a full one - I left my home at 2:45PM on 24 April and arrived in Rome at 7:45 on the 25th. My day had only just begun!

The Sicily Landing - 2013 style! Our tour group met and got acquainted at Rome Airport. Soon, we boarded our flight to Palermo where we boarded our tour van and got underway.
I was immediately struck by the natural beauty of Sicily. Rugged, steep mountains descend to the sea. The next few shots were taken at a shopping mall west of Palermo.
A scenery shot.
Another scenery shot.
Palermo street scene. At the extreme right one of the walls of the Norman Palace is visable. Patton's headquarters was located in the complex.
General Patton's "modest" headquarters "tent" in the Norman Palace, Palermo.

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