We continue our visit to San Pietro Infine and then depart for Cassino.

From the Terrace of History, Monte Rotundo is the prominent feature. To the right of it is Monte Lungo. Route 6 winds its way between them. Over these fields the 2nd and 3rd battalions of the 141st Infantry made their successful attacks on San Pietro on 16 December 1943 - sucess coming after 8 days of bitter fighting by the 36th Division.
On the terrace, Tony talked about the Liri Valley campaigns. Tears flowed as he read aloud the Ernie Pyle story, The Death of Captain Waskow. Most of us on the tour were quite familiar with the series Band of Brothers and remember the part where Bill Guarnere found out just before jumping on D-Day that his brother Henry was killed in action. Henry Guarnere was killed during the attack on Monte Porchia, between San Pietro and Cassino on 6 January 1944 during the Winter Line Offensive.
Beyond Tony's right hand, Monte Lungo. The next mountain is Monte Porchia where Henry Guarnere was killed. Beyond that Monte Trocchio. At extreme right, the ridgeline upon which sits Monte Cassino and the Gustav Line.
Close up of (L-R) Monte Lungo, Highway 6 and Death Valley, Monte Porchia and Monte Trocchio. In the foreground, the rebuilt town of San Pietro Infine.
To the Liberators of San Pietro Infine.
Looking South. At right, Monte Lungo. When Monte Lungo was finally captured the German's abandoned San Pietro to positions further north. Beyond Monte Lungo towers Monte Maggiore.

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