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It is impossible to justify the actions of the Exodus Generation. Regardless of the commentaries, they have no excuse for their actions because they saw all the miracles and wonders. Their lack of faith is deplorable. Thus there is really no real relevance to the story of the miraglim.

Perhaps it's better to shift emphasis to the parsha’s impact on our generation. Where are our "signs and wonders?"

An analogy: My generation saw the landing on the moon, we had the first-hand accounts from our fathers on how we put together the industrial and military might to defeat the enemy on two fronts.

What does someone of the present generation have to admire? We can’t seem to accomplish anything as a nation. …And our leaders: Can’t the Democratic party provide anyone better than Bill Clinton? Can’t the Republicans do better than Dan Quayle?

The fact is than in a situation like this, this generation must look to itself for the answers. Strength must come from within.

Caleb and Joshua and the "next generation" found their faith and strength and conquered the Promised Land. All they really had to go on was H’ promise that they would succeed illustrated by the special Mitzvas taught in the latter part of the Parsha.

We must constantly renew and strengthen our faith in H’ and in the redemption. And we too have a sign – the fact that we are here. Despite those who rose up against us – and despite our own self-destructive forces of assimilation and intermarriage – AM YISROEL CHAI

Thus it is the second part of the parsha which is the most relevant to us.

Zelepchad who began the women’s rights movement.

Challa – separating a bit of ourselves to serve H’ and separating some of our wealth to help others.

Tzitith – indicative of the 613, as we contemplate them, we contemplate what mitzva can I do – or do better.

29 Sivan; May the souls of our departed intercede for peace and prosperity in our community so that we can devote less time to eke out a living and more time to do mitzvas and study.