Kosher Wine


Do you remember the Pre-Borsalino Era when all wine was Kosher? All wine said Manischewitz (or sometimes Shapiroís) on the label and was sweet.

Sure, I read that rich non-Jews drank white wine with fish and red wine with meat and not-so-rich non-Jews drank wine from a bottle in a paper bag but for this Pre-Borsalino kid, wine was for KIDDUSH and Coca Cola accompanied my meals.

Alas, the simplicity and brown hair of my youth are gone forever and I now exist in a Borsalino Era world replete with dozens of different brands of kosher wine. These are masterpieces of the art, made at the finest winemaking regions of the world by the most skilled winemakers of all time. That they cost ten times what good old Concord costs is no surprise. Iím an adult now and can afford the finest fermented pleasures of California, Burgundy or Carmel. But canít they make at least one fine wine that tastes good like Manischewitz Concord and not like sour grape juice?

True, my tastes have changed. No more Coke with meals, I now drink Diet-Pepsi. For me, wine is still for Kiddush and no Borsalino Era connoisseur will ever convince me to make KIDDUSH over anything that tastes like fuel for my car.

Even in the Borsalino Era, Friday night is still sweet.


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