How well I remember dating in the Pre-Borsalino era where the only concern a suitor had was, ďIs she Jewish?Ē The Borsalino Era single has so much more to worry about when they date. Does her family use a paper or fabric table cloth on SHABBAS? Do they serve CHRAIN from a jar or a dish? Does he wear slip-on shoes? Does she wear skirts above the floor?

One thing that Pre-Borsalino daters got to do was actually meet the person they were dating. You got to talk, go places together and learn about each other. Borsalino Era singles are not allowed to ever be alone with a prospective mate. Even meeting in the presence of a chaperone is forbidden because the Borsalino Era chaperone is himself forbidden to be alone with single people.

Names were a big problem in the pre-Borsalino Era. Before Borsalino Era Jews began to adopt Borsalino Era names, many mistakes occurred. Many a young man found out at the BEDEKEN that the Jacqui that he dated, got engaged to Ė and never met, turned out to be a Jackie. (Itís awkward when both the CHUSSAN and KALLAH show up at the wedding in a Borsalino.)

Speaking of changing names, have you ever noticed why Borsalino Era wedding invitations have so much Hebrew writing that nobody understands or even reads? In the Pre-Borsalino Era, Jewish people had one simple name that could be spelled in English. Morris or Bernard or Lou married Esther or Miriam or Blanche. Their names were simple to spell, simple to pronounce and were easily engraved on an English invitation.

Borsalino Era Jews now have multiple names that have no correct English spellings. Imagine the pre-wedding arguments over the invitations when Shmuel Yaakov marries Rivke Devorah or is it Rifke Dívora? Itís so much easier if you do it in Hebrew Ė as long as your last name isnít Kornbluth or Charytan.


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