Biak Photo Album

These photos are taken on the Island of Biak, Netherlands East Indies. Biak is now part of Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Dad was a "Trick Chief," or shift supervisor of Teletype Operators. On Biak, dad had a pet spider monkey and despite popular belief, the "monkey business" photos are not Phil Sturm and son - I didn't appear until 7 years after these photos were taken. A note about the "nose art" pictures: This popular WWII artform was usually risque in nature and these pictures are certainly that.

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1. General pictures of Biak

Dad, Willie Trainor and their (sic) Man Friday Willie Trainor from the Bronx
Dad and Willie on the beach Dad and Willie
Willie and unknown islanders Dad by a truck
The bathroom Relaxing after work
Palm Trees Dad on one of the air strips
Looking at Photos Dad on the beach
By the tents Dad's Island Paradise
The profile I never knew he played golf
P40 Phil Shaving
Dad outside his condo Dressed for dinner
Willie on his street Those trees sometimes hid snipers
Where dad worked, the cryp and TTY room Club 45
The laundry room Accomodations
The Coral Coffee Corner Dad's island home

2. Monkey Business.

On a truck On the ground On the tent On dad
Dad and Friend Twins

3. Weapons. Fortunately, the carbine wasn't loaded.

Jungle Warrior Watch it, Willie Bombed on the beach Jungle Warrior (2)
Taking aim

4. Nose Art.

McArthurs Airplane A B-24 Willie by My Idea Tug o War
Julian Diamond from Brooklyn Little Chief Slightly Dangerous Official AACS plane
Hangover Haven Dad, the art lover Dad, dreaming