World War II Photographs of Philip Sturm

According to dad, film shot overseas could not be processed until after the war. He made a deal with some of the air recon people to use their darkroom to process his pictures. Unfortunately, this resulted in sometimes poor quality, but did save his material from the censors and possible loss.

To scan these pictures, I've used highest resolution, but cut down the size to something manageable. 800X600 screen resolution will work for all these pictures. Use the back button on your browser to return to the index page.

  • Stateside Photo Album: Shots of Campbell AAF, POE San Francisco, Paducah, KY and dad's home in Seagate, Brooklyn, NY
  • Biak Photo Album: The bulk of the photos. Various shots of camp life, pet monkeys and aircraft nose art, taken on the Island of Biak, Netherlands East Indies.
  • Manila Photo Album: Stark shots of the damage done to Manila during the war.