Hauser/Hirschhorn/Horowitz/Sturm Genealogy Information

This information has been contributed by many family members. Please email corrections to me and I'll update these notes promptly. Warmest regards to family and friends who peruse these files. This page was last updated on 11 February 2014.

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Family Charts. These charts have the most current information. Proud descendant of 100% Galicianer grandparents!
The charts are in PDF format and best viewed in a full window. After viewing the chart, use your browsers "Back" button to return to this page.

  • Hauser Family Chart
  • Data supplied by Neal Hauser.
  • Hirschhorn Family Chart
  • Recent updates by Nancy Myers, Howard and Sylvia Dolch, Robert Borgen, Peter Dolch, Paul Hirschhorn.
  • Horowitz Family Chart
  • Sturm Family Chart (1)
  • Possible Genealogy of Esther Langbank, wife of Meir Wolf Sturm
  • Sturm Family Chart (2)
  • Original data supplied by Betty (Meth) Dickerman. Updated 18 Nov 2001 at Sadie (Meth) Schwartz's 100th birthday party.

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    Descendant Surnames. List of surnames descending from the Hauser/Hirschhorn/Horowitz/Sturm lines.

    Where did we come from? My best information as to where the immigrant generation came from.

    Research Documents. Reconstructed Family Trees from various Galicia census sources and family lore.

    Family Photos. Family and Places. Also see the main Photo Albums section for family events.