We left the site of the horrible battle of Troina and drove to our hotel in Taormina, Sicily. Mount Etna, an active volcano, dominates the terrain of northeastern Sicily. It's beauty is stunning, but the best was yet to come. At dinner, we were treated to a thunderous eruption and glowing lava flow.

Near Randazzo, north of Mt. Etna, we stopped to catch this view of the lava flow from a recent eruption. This shot looks north, with Mt. Etna at my back.
Looking south toward Mt. Etna. Steam can be seen rising from the summit. At this point, we had no idea that an eruption was iminent.
Our group marvelling at the volcano. L-R: Tony, Mary, Miller, Dave (Mary's husband,) John, Rich and Mike. Rob is off camera.
Through the curtains of my modest hotel room in Taormina, you can see Mt Etna getting ready to wake up.
In the evening mist, the view from my terrace.
Our Hotel was at approximately 200M (600ft) elevation, considerably higher than the town itself. The narrow, winding road to Taormina, much like all secondary roads from Sicily to Rome, requires a patient, alert and skilled driver - three qualities I sorely lack. Thank goodness I remained a passenger throught my 11 day journey through Italy.

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