In loving memory
of my parents:

Cecille H. Sturm
Philip Sturm

    We have a rather eclectic group of people at Congregation Beth Shloime of Staten Island who volunteer to give a short talk on the portion of the Torah read each week. Learned Rabbis who delve into deep points of religious practice or spirituality. Brilliant engineers who speak of the scientific and mathematical secrets of the Torah. Educators who prepare lessons to guide us through life. Then, there are mine...

VeEtchanan8/91Prepared soon after the Gulf War and my mother's passing.
LechLecha:10/91 An early attempt to quench the fires of hatred within me.
Shmini:3/92 Faith and honesty in the infancy of my spiritual awakening.
ShlachLecha:6/92 A tribute to my mother prior to her first Yahrzeit
Vayishlach:12/92 A search for peace.
Tetzaveh:3/93 My favorite - a question answered.
Bamidbar:5/93 A tribute to Jewish war veterans.
Vayechi:12/93 Concern over Israel's future.
Naso:5/94 A warning to avoid fanaticism.
Vayeshev:12/94 A prayer for unity amongst the Jewish People.
Naso(2):6/95 "Jewish" economics and a tribute to Rabbi Benjamin Morgenstern (Z'TL).
KeSetze:8/96 A military perspective, done at MOT Bayonne, NJ.
ChayeSarah:11/96 My bitter realization that I could no longer support the peace process.
AchereyMos:5/97 Finally free of the past, my spirituality in full bloom.
Beshallach:1/98 Women clergy and Fig Newtons.
Noach:11/98 The culmination of my spiritual journey on the eve of my engagement to Rachel.
Shelach(2):6/99 Revisiting the story of the Miraglim (Spies).
Noach(2):10/99 The sin of untoward speech.
Bo:1/00 A message of faith on the first Yahrzeit of my father.